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PANASONIC SD-YR2550SXC Breadmaker - Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

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Brand: Panasonic

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Description: 31 programs Make your own favourite bread, cakes and more with the Panasonic SD-YR2550SXC Breadmaker. Its 31 automatic programs will do all the work for you, from mixing the dough through to rising and baking. You only need to add bread mixture and water, or you can use your own recipes and tweak each ingredient. There's even a dispenser for nuts, raisins and seeds, so they don't sink to the bottom of your mix. The SD-YR2550SXC has a horizontal design with flush lid that takes up minimal space in your kitchen. It's scratchproof and stain-free thanks to the diamond particles on the bread pan and blade. Bake a perfect loaf Bake bread in 3 different loaf sizes and select how dark you like your crust. If you prefer your bread freshly baked when you wake up, simply add the ingredients and set the timer. The delay timer can start the process up to 13 hours later. This breadmaker will do all the time-consuming kneading and fermentation for you. And it automatically adds the yeast to the pan when it's needed, saving you time and hassle. The 2 temperature sensors adjust the time of fermentation, so the dough rises and rests consistently. Gluten-free programs Make gluten-free bread, cake, pasta or pizza dough thanks to the gluten-free programs. The SD-YR2550SXC can knead a wide range of gluten-free flours and easily mix even hard-to-blend ingredients. It's ideal for people who can't eat gluten or want to eat it less. Plus, with the Jam & Compote Mode you can easily make your homemade jams.

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Specifications: [ { groupLabel: OVERVIEW, specifications: [ { label: Power: 505 - 550 W ● Loaf sizes: M, L, XL ● Maximum capacity: 3 litres } ] }, { groupLabel: PROGRAMS, specifications: [ { label: Programmable memory: Yes ● Gluten-free program: Yes ● Bake-only mode: Yes ● Other programs: - 4 gluten programs: Gluten free Bread, Gluten Free Cake, Gluten Free Pizza, Gluten Free Pastan- 7 dough programs: Basic, Basic Raisin, Whole wheat, Whole wheat Raisin, Sourdough Dough, Sourdough Starter, Pizzan- 4 sweet programs: Cake, Bake Only, Jam, Compoten- 13 bread programs: Basic, Basic Rapid, Basic Raisin, Basic Stuffed, Bread Mix, Bread Mix Raisin, Whole wheat, Whole wheat Rapid, Whole wheat Raisin, Brioche, French, Rye, Sourdoughn- 3 manual programs: Cake Kneading, Bread Kneading, Rise ● Number of programs: 31 ● Dough-only mode: Yes. GENERAL ● Manufacturer's guarantee: 1 year ● Box contents: - Panasonic SD-YR2550SXC Breadmakern- Kneading bladen- Baking tinn- Instructions manual ● Power cord length: 1 m ● Weight: 8 kg ● Colour: Stainless steel ● Dimensions: 554 x 408 x 298 mm (H x W x D) ● Power cord storage. FUNCTIONS ● Keep warm: Yes ● Pause: Yes ● Fast bake: Yes ● Pre-warm ingredients: Yes ● Crust control: - Lightn- Mediumn- Dark ● Other functions ● Double paddles ● Fruit & nut dispenser ● Delay timer: Yes, 13 hours } ] }, { groupLabel: FEATURES, specifications: [ { label: Controls: Button controls ● Digital display: LCD ● Viewing window ● Internal light ● Dishwasher safe parts: Yes ● Safety features: - Non-slip feetn- Overheating protection ● Temperature control: Yes ● Other features: Double temperature sensor ● Double paddles ● Fruit & nut dispenser: Yes, automatic ● Baking tin material: Aluminium with non-stick fluorine coating ● App available

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