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  • Panasonic RP-SDRB32GAK

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    ""When power is interrupted, the Super Intelligent Controller automatically retrieves data that was damaged. Besides data that is currently being saved, other data may be damaged when power is interrupted. Panasonic SD cards are equipped with an automatic data retrieve function to preserve your important data. The number of errors occurring with flash memory increases for reasons such as repeated reading and writing, and if the number of errors passes a certain level, the errors cannot be corrected and data becomes corrupted. Panasonic Gold cards have an automatic refresh function, which extends card life by using the Super Intelligent Controller to automatically refresh data before the errors increase too much to be corrected. Smart data writing technology equalizes rewrite frequency on each writing block in order to reduce defect risks. Without Smart data writing, data will be repeatedly rewritten in specific areas, thereby damaging those areas. Thanks to Smart data writing carried out by the Super Intelligent Controller, Panasonic SD cards minimize defect risks and provide high reliability. ""

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