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  • Bellabeat Spring Smart Water Bottle - Violet Ice, Purple,Silver/Grey

    Price: £77.99

    Brand: BELLABEAT


    Description: Stay hydrated with the Bellabeat Spring Smart Water Bottle. It syncs to the app and tells you how much water your body needs each day based on your activity level, weight, age, height, local weather and whether you're pregnant or breastfeeding. Set goals and the bottle will measure each sip. You can also set smaller milestones and the app will send friendly reminders throughout the week. Plus, it's made of durable glass, absolutely BPA free and dishwasher safe. And the beautiful Bellabeat design makes it a stylish accessory to carry along. BELLABEAT Bellabeat Spring Smart Water Bottle - Violet Ice, Purple,Silver/Grey - shop the best deal online on

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    Specifications: [ { groupLabel: OVERVIEW, specifications: [ { label: Type: Smart water bottle ● Size: 473 ml ● Strap material ● Closure ● Compatibility. GENERAL ● Weight: 423 g ● Box contents: - Bellabeat Spring Smart Water Bottlen- CR2450 coin cell battery x 1 ● Dimensions: 230 x 66 x 66 mm (H x W x D) ● Colour: Violet ice ● Manufacturer's guarantee: 1 year } ] }, { groupLabel: FEATURES, specifications: [ { label: Smartphone functionality: Drinking goals and reminders ● Health tracking: Hydration ● Weatherproofing ● Control: Via smartphone ● Display ● Other features: - Dishwasher safen- BPA freen- No chargingn- Glass body ● Memory } ] }, { groupLabel: POWER, specifications: [ { label: Battery type: Coin cell battery ● Charging method ● Charge time ● Battery life: Up to 4 months } ] }, { groupLabel: CONNECTIVITY, specifications: [ { label: Ports ● Connectivity: Bluetooth ● Compatible apps: Bellabeat app ● Compatibility: - iOS (9 or later)n- Android (4.3 or later) ● GPS



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