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BBG ALDT03 3m Digital Optical Fibre Audio Cable

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Brand: BBG

Price: £7.99

Description: MODEL | ALDT03 3m Digital Optical Fibre Audio Cable ALPHA cables from Peerless-AV are the first step in upgrading the cabling between your AV components. The Digital Optical Audio Cable is a highly versatile interconnect used to carry multi-channel (stereo, 5.1 etc.) digital audio signals between devices - perfect for connecting a TV with integrated Freeview receiver to a soundbar or AV receiver. Polished optical fibre coated with reflective optical cladding ensures distortion-free transfer of the digital audio signal for high quality audio reproduction. 24k gold-plated collars enhance connection durability for a lifetime of performance. . BBG ALDT03 3m Digital Optical Fibre Audio Cable - shop the best deal online on

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