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  • AIRTHINGS View Plus Indoor Air Quality Monitor, White

    Price: £259.00

    Brand: AIRTHINGS


    Description: Get a complete reading of your indoor air quality. Keep an eye on the carbon dioxide levels, humidity, but also on pollution - lung-irritating particles, airborne chemicals and even harmful radon. Getting these detailed stats is really useful to maintain optimal air conditions for your family. Prevent negative effects of allergens, pollution, viruses and alleviate asthma symptoms. What we love- Get real-time readings of the airborne chemicals, pressure, carbon dioxide, radon levels and more- Check on graphs, notifications and insights via the Airthings app - Use voice commands to get current readings with Alexa or Google Assistant- LED circle will glow green, orange or red, according to the air quality- The battery can last over 2 years or you can plug it in with USB cable. AIRTHINGS View Plus Indoor Air Quality Monitor, White - shop the best deal online on

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    Specifications: [ { groupLabel: OVERVIEW, specifications: [ { label: Power: - Batteryn- USB charging ● Works with: - Google Assistantn- Amazon Alexan- Siri shortcuts ● Compatibility: - Android 5.0 or latern- iOS 9 or later ● Connectivity: - Bluetooth 4.2 LEn- WiFi ● Type: Air quality sensor ● Compatible app: Airthings App. GENERAL ● Box contents: - Airthings View Plus Indoor Air Quality Monitorn- Airthings Hubn- USB Type-C cable ● Weight: 550 g ● Dimensions: 90 x 170 x 33 mm (H x W x D) ● Manufacturer's guarantee: 1 year ● Colour: White ● Requirements: AA battery x 6 ● Additional info } ] }, { groupLabel: FEATURES, specifications: [ { label: 1.: - Radon level measurementn- Particulate matter measurementn- Carbon dioxide measurementn- Humidity measurementn- Temperature measuring functionsn- Volatile organic compounds measurementn- Air pressure indication ● 2.: - LED indicatorn- In app notificationn- ePaper displayn- Wave function ● 3.: Wall mountable ● 4. ● 5.



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