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  • Aero Hot Chocolate 288g Tub (Pack 6) - 12473172

    Price: £33.06

    Brand: Aero


    Description: Enjoy A Mug Of Bubbly Aero Hot Chocolate - Making The World A Bubblier Place!< Br> Simply Mix 4 Heaped Teaspoons With Hot Water To Release The Bubbles - Watch The Bubbles Grow And Enjoy Your Deliciously Bubbly Hot Choc Drink!< Br> Aero Chocolate Is Famous Worldwide For Its Unique Bubbly Texture And Has Been For Decades. Aero Was First Launched In 1935 In Peppermint Flavour Followed By The Milk Chocolate Variation In The 1970S. Since Then We've Been Creating Even More Ways To Enjoy Aero Such As Aero Hot Chocolate The Perfect Way To Spread The Bubbly Joy. When It's Time For A Treat Pick Up An Aero And Feel The Bubbles Melt&trade;. Aero Hot Chocolate 288g Tub (Pack 6) - 12473172 - shop the best deal online on

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