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0.041 Cowon iAudio HIFI Digital Audio Player - 64GB (Device Only)

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Brand: 0.041

Price: £79.00

Description: REFURBISHED STOCK NOW AVAILABLE ! All items are at a reduced price and come with a full warranty. Once they're gone, they're gone! Cowon i Audio HIFI Digital Audio Player iAUDIO Hi Fi is Cowon's next generation DAP with a high-resolution amplifier developed for hi-fi sound, including a 130d B signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), harmonic distortion index (THD + N) of 0.0004%, and output of 2.0 Vrms. The iAUDIO Hi Fi is slim and light, yet its performance is second to none thanks to its powerful specifications. The premier CS43131 DAC used is a high-performance DAC with a built-in high-resolution headphone amplifier. iAUDIO Hi Fi supports native sound up to DSD128 so you can hear sound as the artist intended. In addition, it supports various high-resolution formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, DSD format of DFF, DSF, SACD-ISO files and lossless sound such as WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, and APE. Five digital filters (Fast/Low-latency, Fast/Phase-comp, Slow/Low-latency, Slow/Phase-comp, Non-oversampling) are provided to enable fine micro-tuning. This empowers listeners to tune sounds previously beyond the limits of hearing even with identical sound sources. Jet Effect, COWON's unique sound field technology, is also included. It provides a music environment that can satisfy various tastes and preference. And to enjoy HD Sound delicately, iAUDIO Hi Fi provides 140 levels of volume control. By holding the button, level of volume changes quickly. Fine volume adjustment is also possible with a level of 0.5d B at a time. The iAUDIO Hi Fi also offers 11 steps of playback speed adjustment, from 50% to 150% and a section repeat function to allows you to loop a specific portion of audio. New to the iAUDIO Hi Fi is a high-output headphone mode to properly drive high-impedance headphones. High-end, high-impedance headphones can be driven without a separate headphone amplifier for greater flexibility when used in combination with various receivers. iAUDIO Hi Fi is designed to fit easily in your hand with an optimum interface and capacitive touchpad that gives you fast response and stable performance, swing-touch interface that enables full control with just your thumb while holding the device, and physical button on the left and right sides. The iAUDIO HIFI comes in a metallic silver colour with two memory size options, 64GB or 128GB.

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