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  • 0.399 HiFiMAN Ananda Planar Magnetic Reference Headphones

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    Description: Hi Fi MAN Ananda Planar Magnetic Reference Headphones The Hi Fi MAN Ananda is an open-backed headphone with a specially designed planar magnetic driver. The headphones' relatively high sensitivity is higher than is typical in a Planar Magnetic headphone and allows it to be driven with some each by conventional headphone amplifiers and even many mobile phones. The Ananda also offers an impressive frequency response range, from 8-55K Hz and with all the dynamic realism that Hi Fi MAN headphones are renowned for. Compared with previous Hi Fi MAN headphones, the Ananda features a new headband that borrows from their two previous designs. All of the comfort and even weight distribution of the latter style but the more conventional appearance of the early design., This means you can enjoy your audio in all possible comfort and with their angled pads, you can listen all day long. Sonically the Ananda shares the same Hi Fi MAN level of resolution and even-handed sonic performance across the acoustic spectrum that you have come to expect. Smooth and highly extended at both ends with their large driver lows can reach deep into the depths for full and robust bass response, while it retains highly expressive mids and delicately airy treble. The premium earpads also have been specially designed to be thicker with an asymmetrical shape that follows the form of the earcups. The pads are bevelled so that they contour to the shape of your head for superb comfort and extended listening. The Ananda is meant to be used by a wide range of sources, from the upper-end quality of a large desktop amplifier and yet it can also be run superbly from portable devices, control and finesse all sewn up into a sumptuous headphone with stunning audio quality. Outstanding Sound Quality Compared to traditional dynamic headphones, the planar magnetic technology offers largely superior sounding experiences in terms of quality and soundstage. Dynamic headphones utilize conductors that vibrate in select areas of the diaphragm. This results in a large percentage of the diaphragm that cannot be directly driven by those conductors. Planar magnetic headphones are fundamentally different and operate on a different technical Principe. Firstly, the weight of the planar headphones (conductors + diaphragm) is much lower than the dynamic ones. This results in planar headphones' superior performance in treble. Planar headphones have conductive layers distribute throughout the surface of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is evenly driven by the magnetic force so that planar headphones have significantly lower distortion when compared with conventional dynamic headphones. The lower distortions result in better overall reproduction of minute details. Instrumental positioning and imaging are improved, and the headphone has very natural sound staging capabilities. For a rapid response, eerie detail and incredibly low distortion, the Ananda has a very thin diaphragm. The Window Shade grill drastically reduces sonic reflections for sound with improved clarity. Asymmetrical Ear Cups trail the contour of the human ear. The Headband and Ear Pads The ergonomic and comfortable headband is designed to fit most wearers, with greater reliability and durability. The new Ananda headband retains the comfort of the weight spreading head strap but the overarching headband has been contoured to a more human shape. The Ananda remains as comfy to wear yet makes a more urban visual aesthetic. The new headband also incorporates a sleek unibody yolk attaching the frame to the headphone cups making a seamless ergonomic sweeping curve that is both elegant and functional. It is a single piece of metal construction making it durable enough to withstand the rigours of modern urban life. To adjust the headband, simply move each ear cup up or down until the top of the headband rests comfortably on your head and the ear cups surround your ears. The elongated asymmetry of the ear pads on the Ananda conform around the human ear, comfortably distributing the weight evenly yet offering a secure and sound grip. The pads themselves are gently bevelled contouring and moulding to the users head thus providing superb comfort for long listening sessions. The Cables and Connection Sockets The supplied cables are comprised of materials chosen to ensure low resistance in the signal transmission and high mechanical strength for daily use which should ensure a long and fruitful existence. The cables are user-replaceable and have channel orientation for left and right. An "L" and "R" are indicated inside the headband. Once the cable is installed with correct channel orientation, an easy way to tell left and right is the cable is connected toward the front of the ear cup. The new Ananda makes use of a new 3.5mm socket for its cable connection. This gives an even more sturdy and robust physical connection for attaching the cables to and gives a greater surface area for signal transmission. 0.399 HiFiMAN Ananda Planar Magnetic Reference Headphones - shop the best deal online on appliances4.me

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