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  • 0.367 Dunu DK-3001 3 x Balanced 1 x Dynamic Hybrid Earphones

    Price: £499.00

    Brand: 0.367


    Description: Dunu DK-3001 3 x Balanced 1 x Dynamic Hybrid Earphones The DK-3001 is a high-end high-res Hybrid earphone that utilizes the development technology of 1 dynamic driver & 3 balanced armature driver units configuration cultivated by DUNU. The DK-3001 are bundled with the standard 3.5mm cable and a 2.5mm balanced cable for high resolution players that feature a abalanced utput - the MMCX detachable plug and socket design on the cable offers endless choice of replacement and upgrade. Premium triple balanced armature drivers produce perfect transient response while retain a nature yet energetic sound, to recreate a impressive life-like experience. Crafted from high precision S316 stainless steel, the driver unit housings decrease harmonic resonance to ensure the high definition sound and durability. Features Dynamic Driver (13mm) & Triple Balanced Armature 316L Stainless Steel casings Hi-Res Audio.

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