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Shop the best deals on 0.180 appliances and accessories from the top online retailers on appliances4.me

0.180 Audio Technica ATH-S220BT Headphones

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Brand: 0.180

Price: £60.00

Description: From listening to your favourite tunes through your smartphone to browsing the latest viral videos on a laptop or tablet, you’ll experience powerful sound from every source. These affordable wireless headphones also have a quick charge feature - they can be charged in ten minutes for 3.5 hours of listening time. Plus, with a USB type A to USB Type C™ cable included, you’re able to charge with ease using a variety of different devices. 60 Hr Battery The Audio-Technica ATH-S220BT is an ideal choice for those looking for Bluetooth headphones with long battery life – making them a reliable travel companion or top selection for settling down to listen to your favourite album or podcast. Multipoint Pairing Connect to your smartphone, PC or tablet simultaneously and take the stress away from having to switch between multiple devices. Built-in Mic and Controls You’ll experience exceptionally clear audio thanks to the ATH-S220BT’s high-quality built-in microphone. Wired and Wireless Listening For a wired audio experience, use the included 1.2m cable. With a built-in microphone and remote, the plug-in option provides the ultimate flexibility for those wishing to experience superior sound whilst conserving battery power. Immediate Voice Sync on Videos Whether you’re watching Tik Tok videos on your daily commute or enjoying the latest Netflix series, even the slightest audio lag can impact your experience. With low latency mode on the Audio-Technica ATH-S220BT, you can enjoy minimal sound delay and crystal-clear audio. 0.180 Audio Technica ATH-S220BT Headphones - shop the best deal online on appliances4.me

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