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1.500 Fiio K5 PRO Desktop Headphone Amplifier & DAC - NEW ESS DAC EDITION

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Description: NEW FOR 2022: FIIO K5 PRO ESS EDITION, FEATURING AN ESS ES9038Q2M DAC, REPLACING THE AKM DAC INCLUDED IN THE EARLIER VERSION Fii O’s K5 Pro acts as a bridge, allowing your computer, speakers, and headphones to work together to truly experience eerily realistic details. The classic lives on with a stronger decoding In the K5 Pro'clock management is improved, and overall decoding performance is excellent. This is due to the XMOS XUF208 decoding chip with an all-new clock matching management system, with unprecedented capabilities that supports decoding up to a sample rate of 768k Hz and hardware native DSD decoding. Coaxial and digital input No matter what audio equipment you use, digital audio inherently has advantages in integrity and fidelity of signals transmitted. The K5 Pro allows you to take advantage of digital audio with optical and coaxial inputs supporting up to 192k Hz inputs, convenient for connecting various music players and digital interfaces. Next generation DAC The K5 Pro archives new heights in sound quality thanks to the high-performance ESS ES9038Q2M DAC. With the left and right audio channels being independently handled and fully differential audio output, the K5 Pro has such a high level of resolution you will be hearing details you never noticed before. Specially designed audio architecture When it comes to amplification, the K5 Pro is no slouch. The K5 Pro has generous space to fit and package the necessary components for exceptional analogue amplification and packs a four-level audio circuit capable of providing extraordinary audio fidelity in its class: second order LPF + analogue volume adjustment + voltage amplification + current drive. Each part of the amplification circuit works perfectly together in harmony for excellent dynamic range and higher resolution of sound. Utterly precise volume control The NJRC NW1195A analogue volume adjustment chip features an ultra-low output noise of -118d B and is able to adjust the volume by 0.5d B per step. And when this is paired with the combination of the flagship TI TPA6120 op-amp and the OPA1642 JFET op-amp, the K5 Pro provides wonderfully smooth, yet high-resolution sound. Safe, secure and robust external power supply The K5 Pro uses a DC 15 power supply designed to specifically minimize noise. The incoming DC power is filtered with a secondary power supply, which then independently supplies power to the amplification part of the audio circuit and the rest of the circuit. This effectively suppresses power supply ripple and minimizes power supply crosstalk between the two major sections of the circuit, for a more stable and less noisy power that is critical for outstanding sound for such a precisely designed high-performance audio architecture. Musical perfection with ADC volume adjustment Through a reconstruction of the ADC curve, the K5 Pro’s volume control allows you to smoothly adjust volume at extremely fine increments without any undesirable noise nor with any channel imbalances. With the K5 Pro, you can comfortably use various headphones with all kinds of sensitivities. Gain control with toggle switches for precise sound Both the input selection and gain are controlled by tactile toggle switches, which are clearly labelled allowing you to easily control your music. Low, medium and high gain levels are available allowing you to use the K5 Pro with almost any headphones at comfortable volume levels. A pure hardware gain circuit is used at low gain, with unaffected and uncompromised dynamic range and overall music fidelity. Finely textured all-aluminium body The all-aluminium body is repeatedly polished with CNC and is then carefully finished with anodizing and fine sandblasting, for a smooth yet finely textured shell. The K5 Pro is a compact, robust unit that doesn’t take up much space, perfect for your desk. Extremely powerful headphone amplification The carefully tuned feedforward amplifier circuit design increases the power output of up to 1.5 W under a 32& Omega; load, and up to 20 Vpp at 300& Omega;. The K5 Pro easily handles any low or high impedance headphones. RCA line-out for high-quality output to other sources Besides the wide variety of digital inputs, the K5 Pro also features a traditional analogue RCA line-in. RCA line-in is not only more robust and less prone to breakage than 3.5mm line-in, it also has better resolution. The RCA line-out line signal is adjustable up to a maximum of 2 Vrms, so the K5 Pro can be used with a variety of active speakers and external amplifiers. * When using the line out, please disconnect any headphones. 1.500 Fiio K5 PRO Desktop Headphone Amplifier & DAC - NEW ESS DAC EDITION - shop the best deal online on appliances4.me

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