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  • 1.000 Cayin N7 Vacuum Tube Digital Audio Player

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    Brand: 1.000


    Description: Cayin N7 is here, the ultimate audio player with an unexplored frontier in portables. It’s the world’s first portable digital audio player with a fully-discrete audio circuitry arranged in a fully-balanced design. The player adopts a Pure 1-Bit Resistor DSD Decoding chipset paired with a discrete LPF circuitry and discrete headphone amplifier section. The player promises outstanding sound output with its Class A/AB dual-amplifier modes. It’s the perfect portable audio player that promises nothing else but an exceptional sound front. You will hear your favourite music in excellent tone and relive your library with exceptional clarity! Fully-Discrete Design Cayin N7 is the world’s first portable audio player that features a fully-discrete audio circuitry in a fully balanced design. Going discrete is technically more demanding but it allows more room to fine-tune the sound signature and deliver superior performance over Op-AMP-based regular circuit design. With its fully-discrete circuitry, Cayin N7 minimizes interference and maintains a clean, pure sound output. Pure 1-Bit DSD DAC Cayin has designed a fully-discrete 1-Bit DSD DAC that converts the digital signal to analogue through a resistor network series composed of 128 high-precision thin-film resistors. A precisely implemented FPGA enhances the digital audio signal and outputs L+, L-, R+, R- digital bitstream to fully balanced decoding. DSD signals are passed through unaltered, and PCM signals are converted to a 1-Bit bitstream before it is transmitted to the DAC circuitry. Pure 1-Bit DSD DAC promises a pure, natural, rich sound decoding greatly enhancing the output sound listening experience. Discrete Headphone Amp Circuit With Class A/AB Dual Operational Modes Cayin N7 features a 4-channel discrete component-based fully balanced headphone amplification circuitry. It adopts low-noise audio grade JFET(Junction Gate Field-Effect Transistors) as differential input stage and BJT(Bipolar Junction Transistor) as the voltage amplification and output stage. Cayin N7 features Class A and Class AB easily selectable dual-operational modes for the amp circuit. It delivers high-power low-noise output with special optimization for low-impedance high-sensitivity IE Ms. Class A amplification requires all channels to be in near-identical gain, they are manually matched and manually installed to the PCB before final soldering. Independent Ports for Headphone Output and Line-Out Cayin N7 features 3.5mm and 4.4mm output ports. It has independent ports for headphone output and line-out/pre-out. Apart from the 3.5mm/4.4mm, Cayin N7 also supports I2s, USB, and Coaxial digital output options. It is widely compatible in different desktop and portable scenarios. Precise JRC Electronic Volume Control Cayin N7 features a low-noise, low-distortion electronic resistance ladder-based volume control from JRC. The controller uses a 4-channel in one integrated controller chip that offers precise Volume adjustments and lower power consumption. True High-Resolution Portable Audio Player Cayin N7 is a pure flagship-grade digital audio player that supports all-leading audio formats. It supports high-resolution 32-bit/768k Hz PCM signals along with native DSD512 audio signals. It also supports full 16x MQA unfolding. Cayin N7 also has high-resolution two-way Bluetooth connectivity with class-leading LDAC, UAT, AAC, and SBC transmission protocols. The Perfect Portable Media Player In order to pack a smooth user interface, Cayin has featured Qualcomm’s highly-trusted Snapdragon 665 So C chipset with 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, expandable with micro SD card up to 1TB. The player features an open Android 12 OS that opens the doors to an unlimited number of media applications and comes with Google Play pre-installed. It supports systemwide high-resolution decoding with SRC bypass. Long Playback Duration With Fast Charging Cayin N7 houses a large 9000m Ah battery pack that gives you continuous playback for up to 10 hours with 3.5mmsignle-ended earphones and 8.5 hours using 4.4mm balance. It supports PD2.0 quick charging that charges the DAP from 20% to 80% in just 2 hours. 1.000 Cayin N7 Vacuum Tube Digital Audio Player - shop the best deal online on appliances4.me

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