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  • Razer Audio Mixer

    Price: £226.79

    Brand: Razer

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    Description: All-In-One Digital Mixer For Broadcasting And Streaming.< Br>< Br> Streamline Your Setup And Optimise Your Production With The Razer Audio Mixer - An Easy-To-Use All-In-One Analogue Mixer For Broadcasting And Streaming. With Total Control Over Your Mix And Studio-Like Quality Professional Audio Has Never Sounded This Good Or Felt This Simple.< Br>< Br> Hardware Control Features: 4 X Channel Volume Slide Faders 4 X Channel Mute Buttons 1 X Microphone Mute Button 1 X Bleep Button 1 X 48V Phantom Power Button.< Br>< Br> Analog Connections: Hybrid Xlr And 6.35 Mm Port 3.5 Mm Line In Port 3.5 Mm Line Out Port 3.5 Mm Headphone Out Port. 3.5 Mm Microphone In Port.

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