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Magnify George For 25052 Entertaining Grill - Black  Black
George For 25052 Entertaining Grill - Black  Black

George For 25052 Entertaining Grill - Black Black

Category: Grills
Brand: George For
Description: Top features:- Feed a crowd with enough space to cook seven portions in one go - Make clean up easier with the drip tray and non-stick plates - Flat or angled cooking for getting your food perfect Feed a crowd It can be annoying when you're catering for the family or a large group and your grill isn't large enough to cook everyone's food at once. The George Foreman 25052 Entertaining Grill lets you cook up to seven portions at once, so you won't have to leave the first lot to go cold and lose their quality while you cook the second batch. Make clean up easier With non-stick grill plates, clean up has never been easier. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth after use, no scrubbing necessary. As no oil is required when cooking with the 25052 Entertaining Grill, there will be no stubborn grease or residue left behind. The perfect fit drip tray collects excess fats that drain off your meat, meaning no messy spills on your worktop and easy disposal. Flat or angled cooking With an adjustable grill, you can cook every kind of food perfectly. Angle the grill to help drain fats when cooking meats, or lie it flat when doing a cheese toasty to keep all your filling inside. The extended handle is easy to grip and stays cool, so you can adjust the plates while cooking.
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EAN: 4008496981496
Specifications: Cook up to 7 portionsFat run-off
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