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Magnify Omron Omron Omron Viv A 0908  Black
Omron Omron Omron Viv A 0908  Black

Omron Omron Omron Viv A 0908 Black

Category: Fitness Equipment
Brand: Omron
Description: Keep a keen eye on your health with Omron VIVA HBF-222 T Smart Scale and Body Composition Monitor. It measures key body metrics essential for understanding health of your heart and predicting cardiovascular issues. To assess your body composition, the VIVA uses Bio-electric Impedance Analysis ( BIA). This medically approved technology provides detailed results proven to be indicative of your actual health. Whether you are serious about working out or simply want to stay informed about your health and physique, this device will fit the bill. In addition to your weight, it will show you the amount of visceral fat, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle and BMI. Connect this scale to your smartphone using Bluetooth and keep track of your daily development. VIVA will automatically recognise up to 4 different profiles and automatically update your stats.
Delivery time: 1 to 3 days
Delivery cost: 0
EAN: 4015672110908
Specifications: Tracks 9 body composition measurementsRecognises up to 4 usersBattery poweredBluetooth-enabled
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