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Magnify Huawei Ah-100 Smart Scale - White  White
Huawei Ah-100 Smart Scale - White  White

Huawei Ah-100 Smart Scale - White White

Category: Fitness Equipment
Brand: Huawei
Description: Measure, track and share Keep track of your body with the Huawei AH-100 Smart Scale. It measures and records 9 body measurements, from weight to likes of muscle mass or basal metabolism rate. These all get recorded with the app, so you get to see your progress in various charts. You can even easily share on social media. Fitness coach for the whole family All the measurements gathered get processed into health reports, you get even customised suggestions for further fitness plan. The AH-100 Smart Scale automatically recognises up to 10 users, so you can get the whole family on track to fitness. All it takes is to step on once a day. The built-in alarm clock serve as a reminder to take measurements at the same time each day, so you can build up an accurate picture of your health. Simple and quality design Pure white and made of polished tempered glass, the Huawei AH-100 Smart Scale looks great in any room. It's super slim and with adjustable feet you get accurate measurement on any surface.
Delivery time: 1 to 3 days
Delivery cost: 0
Specifications: Tracks 9 body composition measurementsBluetooth connectionAutomatically recognises users
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Huawei Fitness Equipment 1 to 1 of 1