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Magnify Denon Dp-400 Belt Drive Turntable - Black  Black
Denon Dp-400 Belt Drive Turntable - Black  Black

Denon Dp-400 Belt Drive Turntable - Black Black

Category: Dj Equipment
Brand: Denon
Description: Authentic vinyl sound Enjoy that classic vinyl sound while listening to your favourite records with the Denon DP-400 Belt Drive Turntable. With a weighted base and an S-shaped arm, this turntable keeps your records turning smoothly. This means you get that authentic sound, skip-free. The DP-400 also comes with a clever auto-sensor to maintain a consistent playing speed. This turntable comes with a moving magnet cartridge, which gives your records a crisp, full sound. If you love your oldies and you prefer the tonality from a moving coil cartridge, you can easily swap one in. The DP-400 works with both. Turn it up If you want to hear Sinatra belt it like you're there in concert, the turntable can connect to a speaker or Hi- Fi system while staying true to the original sound. Anything with an analogue or phono input can take you back to hear Ol' Blue Eyes. Play the old stuff This turntable supports all three vinyl speeds - you can play all your classics, even the ones from the 60s. The plastic dustcover keeps the base of the player dust-free, so you can keep those cherished records protected from any scratches. While the record is playing, take the cover off and prop the album cover up for everyone to see. When the record is finished, the tone arm lifts automatically to keep your record from scratching against the stylus.
Delivery time: 1 to 3 days
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EAN: 4951035065532
Specifications: Vinyl playbackThree speedsRCABuilt-in speaker
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