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Category: Cooking

Brand: Beko

Description: Compact cooker with two-zone sealed plate hob with 1 responsive Rapidlite element, separate grill and 28-litre conventional oven with easy clean glass doors. Perfect if you have fewer people to cook for, the 28 L capacity oven has enough space for you to cook a large lasagne, while still fitting comfortably into a smaller kitchen. Offering the ultimate in flexibility, the mini cooker's oven and hob can be used together, so you can boil your veg while your chicken roasts in the oven. And, the hob and oven can also be used separately, saving you money on your energy bills. Healthier than other cooking methods, grilling your food seals in juices to offer delicious flavour, while browning your food at the same time.

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Beko Cooking 1 to 1 of 1