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Brand: Logik


Description: Top features:- Swivel widescreen for a clear view from any angle- A variety of playback options so you can enjoy more content- Accessories for your comfort and convenience Swivel widescreen Enjoy your favourite films and videos from any angle. Whether in a park or on a train, the Logik L10 SPDVD17 Portable DVD Player lets you see the full picture from all angles thanks to a swivelling 10.1-inch LCD widescreen. A variety of playback options Bring along entertainment your preferred way. The L10 SPDVD17 can play content from discs, USB and memories cards, with a long list of formats available to you so that you are never limited in what you watch. Accessories Keep the kids busy while you drive. The Logik Portable DVD Player comes with a car headrest mount so that backseat passengers can be entertained while you concentrate on the road. Other handy accessories include a remote control and earphones, as well as an in-car charger for long trips.

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EAN: 5017416766487

Specifications: 10.1 screenUp to 2 hours battery lifeUSB / Memory card slotIncludes car charger

RRP: 89.99

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Price: £79.99

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Logik Blu Ray Players 1 to 1 of 1