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Smt Spm4000

Smt Spm4000

Category: Blenders
Brand: Smt
Description: The SPM4000 Pasta Maker makes making pasta fun and gives you the ability to make spaghetti, noodles and past in as little as 6 minutes. Even though this machine specialises in making pasta, it can be used to make all kinds of bread, cakes, cookies and different deserts. Smart pasta maker looks like a professional machine and is sure to deliver quality results. The revolutionary blade kneading ensures that all ingredients put into the machine are utilized ensuring no waste. Extrusion comes by gravitational force thus no tangling or interrupted pasta ever. Made from Stainless Steel and plastic, the machine is easy to clean by hand.
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MPN: SPM4000
EAN: 5060313512015
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Product ID: SMT-SPM4000
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