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Brand: Vertex Standard

Description: 16 channels  Two programmable keys  Fixed antenna Vertex Standard VX-241 PMR 446 Two- Way Radio Compact and exceptionally easy to use, the Vertex Standard VX-241 two-way radio system features two programmable keys, a follow-me scanning system and sixteen channels to choose from. Long- Lasting Reliability Providing and affordable and convenient way to keep in touch, the Vertex Standard VX-241 is a license-free radio using the PMR446 broadcasting range. It features a rugged water- and dust-proof design to provide long-lasting reliability even in harsher surroundings. Even more impressively, the radio comes equipped with an Auto- Range Transponder System ( ARTS) to let you know when another ARTS-equipped radio is within range. Quality Audio With a 500m W audio output, the Vertex Standard VX-241 has a powerful speaker making it suitable for use even in noisy environments such as outside during a storm or in a busy industrial warehouse or factory. Users will be able to enjoy clear audio with minimal channel interference, since they will be able to choose from up to 50 CTCSS tones or 104 DCS sequences using either of the eight pre-programmed PMR446 frequencies. Each setting may be saved to any of the provided sixteen channel locations. Why Should You Buy these Two- Way Radios? Built to perform and stay reliable even in relatively harsh surroundings, the Vertex Standard VX-241 radios are suitable for both home and business users, while the ARTS system provides the added bonus of being able to find others within range.  

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MPN: VX-241 PMR 446

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Vertex Standard Appliances And Accessories 1 to 1 of 1