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Magnify Jivo Ji-1824 Selfie Stick - Black  Black
Jivo Ji-1824 Selfie Stick - Black  Black

Jivo Ji-1824 Selfie Stick - Black Black

Category: Accessories
Brand: Jivo
Description: Take great pictures of all your family and friends and get in the picture as well thanks to the Jivo JI-1824 Selfie Stick.Compatible with iPhone 6 phones and all similar sized smartphones, the Jivo JI-1824 lets you capture the moment straight on your mobile device wherever you are.With a Bluetooth remote stutter you can take pictures using the button on the end of the selfie stick and extend the arm up to 85 cm to get everyone in the picture.Take group shots or scenic photos with landscapes in the background or just have fun with your friends and practice your selfie face.The JI-1824 is lightweight, portable and folds away easily so you can carry it neatly in your bag. It's USB charging system also provides 100 hours of standby time so you'll never miss the perfect selfie moment.Take a 360 degree video on holiday or get in the picture at parties with the easy to use Jivo JI-1824 Selfie Stick.
Delivery time: 1 to 3 days
Delivery cost: 0
EAN: 817972014580
Specifications: Suitable for smartphonesSmartphone cradleMax. height: 0.85 m
RRP: 13.99
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