About us

I created appliances4.me in September 2008 in order to give visitors a place to come to compare prices on thousands of electrical appliances.  This seemed to be a niche which had not really been adequately provided for.  Normally customers would have to trawl through pages and pages of products on many different manufacturers websites to try to find their desired appliance, or to find the best price for something they wanted.

appliances4.me allows visitors to quickly and efficiently search through thousands of products available from a large selection of manufacturers, from various different retailers, in order to find the best price for the appliance they are looking to purchase.

Products are updated frequently so please check back often to ensure you find the best deal when purchasing your next electrical appliance.

Legal stuff

The current eCommerce laws, rules and regulations stipulate that a clear explanation is provided as to how monetised web sites work and what earnings are made.  In short, some companies might pay commission on sales that a website encourages, some companies do not, or sponsorship may be sought. CLICK ON THIS LINK to read about how blogs, funding, advertising, publishing and the financial side of these things can work.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.