Getting to know food processors

Getting To Know Food Processors

Kitchen appliances exist to make food preparation and cooking much easier. Our lives are very busy which makes it hard to sit down and enjoy a home cooked meal together. Anything that makes it possible to put dinner on the table with less hassle is going to be enthusiastically welcomed. For this reason, kitchen appliances make popular gifts for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, bridal showers, and even retirement parties.

Some of the most popular of all kitchen appliances are food processors. A food processor is a compact device that turns raw ingredients into a form that’s useful in cooking. For example, shredded carrot is an ingredient used in coleslaw, green salads, soup, and many other common dishes. While it’s possible to chop and slice carrots by hand, it’s very time consuming to prepare the correct quantity of carrots at the right consistency. Food processors can chop, slice, dice, puree, and blend just about any ingredient in just moments. Preparing even the most elaborate dishes will take only a fraction of the time thanks to these powerful little appliances.

Many Styles, Many Shapes

Food professors come in an enormous variety. There’s a style of processor to suit any size household and any degree of use. A small household with only occasional food processing needs will enjoy owning a compact processor with all the most common functions. A household with an aspiring chef will appreciate a model with an accessory kit that expands its function. Large households with heavy use demands will enjoy owning a spacious food processor that can hold many cups of material at the same time. And finally, serious home cooks will get years of enjoyment out of a food processor with all the bells and whistles. These versatile appliances really do offer something for everyone.

Back to Basics

Simple food processors with streamlined function menus will chop, blend, slice, and puree. These are among the most frequently called for methods of ingredient preparation. Firm, dense ingredients such as carrots, parsnips, raw potatoes, and raw onions can be chopped into large chunks or a fine dice depending on the chosen setting. Softer ingredients such as cooked potatoes, celery, cucumber, and zucchini can be given a similar treatment without compromising the natural texture of these foods. Even delicate ingredients such as ripe tomatoes and avocado can be sliced quickly and precisely thanks to the multiple sharp blades present inside the processor. Chopping a bowlful of vegetables, fruits, and other items has never been easier or faster.

Blending is another primary function of all food processors. Multiple ingredients can be creamed together to a very precise consistency. The blending function is ideal for creating salsa because it’s so easy to set the function to create a smooth or chunky product. Guacamole can also be made quickly and easily with the blend function. This delicious avocado dip can be made light, airy, and perfectly creamy. Pancake and crepe batter can also be combined inside a food processor, which will significantly cut down on the cooking times of these delicious foods.

More Advanced Options

While the primary food preparation needs of a small household can be met by basic food processors, more advanced models exist to address a greater range of needs. Larger households, high volume use, and highly specific food preparation methods can be easily accommodated by more advanced food processor models.

Advanced food processors will include features such as julienne, mince, pulse, liquefy, and grate. Accessory kits meant for these models can transform a processor into an advanced mixing bowl for baking or even a juicer! These models are also likely to feature greater ease-of-use options, such as rapid disassembly for easy cleaning and components that can be removed when not being used.

Food processors make excellent gifts and, thanks to their diverse uses, will be put to good use for many years to come. Many of the finest appliance brands offer several processor models, so finding one to suit your taste and budget will be no challenge at all.