Phanteks Eclipse P600S Tempered Glass Silent Midi Tower Case - Black

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Phanteks Eclipse P600S Tempered Glass Silent Midi Tower Case - Black
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Brand: Phanteks

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Author: Beansmeansbeans

Rating: 5

Review: After spending hours reading and watching reviews of PC cases I eventually ended up picking the Phanteks P600S case as it seemed to fit my need for something with the option to be very quiet with the option of high airflow. I have only just installed my PC into this case today which was a relatively easy process thanks to how easy it is to dismantle the case thanks to its mostly tool less design. I’ve not spent too much time with it yet but can confirm it has brilliant airflow even when the front and top planets are closed. For me the only tricky part was fitting the 3.5 drives under the shroud as you are doing this blind and the instructions assume you know what to do. Also I could only use 2 of the four 3.5 bays under the shroud because my power supply was too long. The instructions are misleading because they say you can use 4 bays so long as your power supply is less than 195mm. My power supply is 180mm, however it is modular so as soon as you connect cables to it, it exceeds 195mm which is disappointing. To use the 4 bays you will need a modular power supply no longer than 160mm. Non modular power supplies would be a better option for this case to as you have to wire modular psu’s before it goes in. Also you might be able to get a longer non modular psu in this case depending on how and where the cables come out from. But that is my only criticism of this case and it’s not enough to make me want to return it as everything else is so perfect. On to the good stuff. Opening the side doors are nice and easy and they are held in place by very strong magnets. The case is tidy looking and very spacious so working in it is stress free and air flows through it nicely. I have fitted a 280mm radiator (Corsair H115i Platinum) to the top of this case and there is still lots of space to spare and it is no where near clashing with my motherboard heatsinks or Corsair Vengeance LED ram (about 4.4mm high) so rest assured you will have good clearance in this case. Im glad the P600S has the option of a non tempered glass version so you don’t have to worry about breaking it. I might by a window for it later when Phanteks start to sell them, at least if it breaks I have a spare metal door. The inside of the case looks nice so you would want to show it off. I will admit I am terrible at cable management, however this case has pre fitted velcro strips which make you look almost professional, so thank you Phanteks for making me look good! If you are looking for a new case with versatility, good solid build quality and easy to use then you can’t go wrong with the Phanteks P600S. I will update the review if I find anything else good with it worth talking about or if something goes wrong.


Author: Sim Stephen

Rating: 4

Review: The grey case looks great and is easy to build in. I upgraded my CPU cooler to the large "Dark Rock 4 Pro" cooler. It was easy to do in this case because you're able to remove the top and have full access to the cooler. I like the build quality of the case. It uses metal panels with sound dampening material. My previous case "Fractal Define R5" had plastic panels front and top. One minor issue with the build quality was that the front removable panel sits slightly deeper and not quite flush with the rest of the case. This was easily fixed by slightly bending the two metal tabs on the back of the panel (the ones that make contact with the magnets in the case). I like my PC to be quiet when not gaming. The included fans were DC fans and so were limited in how low the rpm could go. I replaced them with the Corsair ML140 fans from my old PC. They were PWM fans and can idle at half the rpm of the included DC fans. The PC is very quite now.


Description: Phanteks Eclipse P600S Tempered Glass Silent Midi Tower Case - Black, Mid Tower, Tempered Glass Side Panel, Motherboard Support: E-ATX l ATX l Micro-ATX l Mini-ITX, Fan Support: 120mm | 140mm, Fans Included: 3 x 140mm, Radiator Support: 120mm | 140mm | 280mm | 360mm | 420mm, GPU Max Length: 335mm, PH-EC600PSTG_BK01.


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