AEG RCB636E5MW 60/40 Fridge Freezer

4 out of 5 stars
AEG RCB636E5MW 60/40 Fridge Freezer
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Price: £605.00

Brand: AEG

Currently out of stock

Author: Yousef Mohamed

Rating: 5

Review: nothing for that value


Author: Alexandra Wood

Rating: 3

Review: I really like this fridge inside, but there is one huge issue for me. You are supposed to be able to switch the door opening to the other side, but when we tried to do this we found that all of the screw holes are filled with foam which we can’t get out. And the screw holes aren’t big enough for the nails in the first place. We spent about 2 hours trying to do this and in the end gave up and put it back to its original way. It’s not ideal and we are really disappointed as it’s next to a wall it’s now quite tight to squeeze your hand into the opening of the door handles and guests automatically reach for the other side as those are the handles you can see. The inside is huge and really spacious, we’ve done two large food shops and each time their is about 3/4 of the fridge left. The only other slight thing is that it’s quite loud! I wouldn’t get this fridge for an open plan house.




Description: Customisable space The AEG RCB636E5MW 60/40 Fridge Freezer is spacious and flexible. With large capacity you'll have no problem fitting in your family-sized shopping lists. What's more, you can easily rearrange bins and shelves for effective use of space. That means you can fit in even more food. Fast chill, fast freeze, no frost Taking advantage of its multiple airflows, the RCB636E5MW keeps the temperature and humidity stable in every corner. That keeps your groceries from drying and keeps them fresh and juicy longer. The freezer has a fast freeze function, so your meats and veggies get frozen in no time. Fast frozen foods keep much better texture and taste, you can forget the soggy unfrozen meat now. These technologies also prevent ice build up, so you can say goodbye to this pesky chore too. Extra Chill drawer Perfect for cheeses and cold cuts, the Extra Chill drawer keeps a bit lower temperature than the rest of the fridge. That keeps your sensitive delicacies nice and fresh. PLEASE NOTE: Use in outbuildings: This refrigerator is not designed to be used in an outbuilding - both your food and the appliance can be damaged. Do not use it in any unheated area. Reversible door hinges: This appliance has a reversible door. Please consult a qualified installer, such as one of our Currys experts, to carry out door reversal - select the door reversal service when you add this product to the basket.


Category: Freezers

Merchant: Currys PC World

Product ID: 10212610

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EAN: 7332543733002

Specifications: [ { groupLabel: OVERVIEW, specifications: [ { label: Manufacturer's guarantee: 2 years ● Energy efficiency rating: E ● Suitable for outbuildings: No ● Annual energy consumption: 274 kWh ● Fridge / Freezer split: 60 / 40 ● Total storage capacity: 366 litres ● Total gross capacity: 341 litres ● Noise level: 42 dB(A) ● Colour / Finish: White ● Climate class: SN - T ● Fridge / Freezer configuration: - Fridge topn- Freezer bottom ● Optimum ambient temperature range: 10 - 43°C ● Storage volume ● Type of door handle: Integrated ● Noise emission class: D ● Fridge storage volume: 266 litres ● Freezer storage volume: 101 litres ● Other storage volumes } ] }, { groupLabel: FRIDGE FUNCTIONS, specifications: [ { label: Fridge auto-defrost: Yes ● Fast chill function: Yes ● Door cooling ● Air-flow cooling: Yes ● Hygiene features ● Other functions: Holiday mode ● Food preservation technology: MultiFlow } ] }, { groupLabel: ENVIRONMENTAL, specifications: [ { label: HFC free: Yes ● CFC free: Yes. GENERAL ● Recommended installation space ● Door ● Box contents: AEG RCB636E5MW 60/40 Fridge Freezer ● Dimensions: 2010 x 595 x 650 mm (H x W x D) ● Recess dimensions ● Weight: 73.5 kg ● Matching fridge number ● Boxed dimensions: 2066 x 664 x 728 mm (H x W x D) ● Boxed weight: 79.5 kg ● Flat back design: Yes ● Matching freezer number ● Counterbalanced lid ● Installation ● Door opening distance exceeds dimensions ● Door features ● Hinge type ● Alternative door hinge option model number ● Integrated door fitting ● Colour variant model numbers ● Rear panel material: Metal ● Reversible door ● Dimensions without doors: 2010 x 595 x 650 mm (H x W x D) } ] }, { groupLabel: FRIDGE INTERIOR, specifications: [ { label: Number of door compartments: 6 ● Interior light: LED ● Ice box capacity ● Ice box star rating ● Fridge storage capacity: 266 litres ● Number of shelves: 3 ● Shelves ● Fridge gross capacity ● Number of salad crispers: 1 ● Ice box ● Storage features: - Egg racks x 2n- Bottle holder x 1n- Dairy compartmentn- Extra chill drawer ● Adjustable shelves: Yes } ] }, { groupLabel: FREEZER INTERIOR, specifications: [ { label: Clear drawer fronts: Yes ● Freezer storage capacity: 101 litres ● Number of compartments ● Compartments: Drawers x 3 ● Ice making facility ● Interior light: No ● Freezer gross capacity ● Ice cube trays included } ] }, { groupLabel: DISPENSERS, specifications: [ { label: Plumbed ● Water dispenser ● Ice dispenser ● Internal water tank ● Water tank capacity } ] }, { groupLabel: CONTROLS, specifications: [ { label: Thermostat: Twin ● Controls: External touch controls ● Digital display: LCD:n- Temperaturen- Holiday moden- Fast freezen- Fast chill } ] }, { groupLabel: SAFETY FEATURES, specifications: [ { label: Temperature warning: Audible & visual ● Other safety features ● Child lock ● Lockable lid ● Counterbalanced lid ● Open door warning: Audible } ] }, { groupLabel: FREEZER FUNCTIONS, specifications: [ { label: Defrosting: Frost free ● Fast freeze function: Yes ● Power failure safe-storage time: 18 hours ● Other functions ● Freezer star rating: **** ● Freezer drainage ● Freezing capacity } ] }, { groupLabel: DOOR-IN-DOOR, specifications: [ { label: Suitable for ● Capacity ● Temperature range ● Controls ● Special features ● Control position } ] }, { groupLabel: CONTROLLABLE TEMPERATURE COMPARTMENT, specifications: [ { label: Capacity ● Clear front ● Controls ● Suitable food types ● Temperature range ● Special features ● Control position } ] }, { groupLabel: WINE COOLER FEATURES, specifications: [ { label: Filter ● Adjustable shelves ● Storage features ● Humidity ● Temperature zones ● Controls ● Control position ● Digital display ● Interior light ● Shelves ● Anti-vibration system ● Temperature range ● Capacity } ] }, { groupLabel: SMART, specifications: [ { label: Functions ● Web browser ● Barcode scanner ● Screen ● WiFi-enabled ● Connection requirements ● Control method ● App ● Internal camera ● External camera ● Internal camera functions ● Other WiFi/Smart functions ● External camera functions ● Camera functions ● Cameras } ] }, { groupLabel: INSTALLATION, specifications: [ { label: Reversible door: Yes, kit included - hinged on right. Please consult a qualified installer, such as one of our Currys experts, to carry out door reversal - select door reversal service when adding product to basket. ● Recommended installation space ● Integrated door fitting ● Installation

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