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    Category: Coffee Makers
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Description: The Whirlpool ACE 102 / IXL Built- In Coffee Machine is fully automatic offering an intuitive bean to cup solution for your coffee with LCD touch controls. Designed with you in mind the brewing unit is removable for easy cleaning, the water tank and drip tray are accessible from the front also. The hot water spout ensure you have hot water available when you need it without having to boil. This is convenient when you would like to make tea or instant meals like soup or noodles. If you love tasting milk based drinks, hot chocolate drinks or delicious frothy coffee, the milk steam frothing nozzle offers ensure you get perfect results. The Whirlpool ACE 102 / IXL Built- In Coffee Machine allows you to enjoy real Italian espressos and creamy cappuccinos, every day.
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